Information and Communications

Multimedia Resource Library

Where are we?

The Multimedia Resource Library (mainly known as the MRL) is room 201 located on the second floor of the Geoffrey Manton Building. As this is specifically for the Information and Communications department, many of the classes can take place in the computer labs within here, these rooms are 203 & 204.

What we offer

The MRL offers many resources to students. Firstly there's the wide range of iMac computers in the open area which can be used for any university-related work between the hours of 9 am to 4:30 pm.

Secondly, there's the Tech AV+ store, here there is full-time technical staff and it also has different types of equipment available for renting. The equipment that students can rent includes SLR cameras, video cameras, digital recorders and various accessories to compliment these devices.

Finally, there are many seats in the open area which are perfect for students to either socialise or keep up to date with current events by watching the news on the large flatscreen TV.