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  • Web Development student, Umesh Patel

    Umesh Patel

    BSc (Hons) Web Development

    My name is Umesh Patel and I’m currently a second-year student studying Web Development at Manchester Metropolitan University. My course is all about developing a website, with a key focus on digital project management, programming languages, development stages and media asset production. This course has helped me expand not only my technical knowledge but both my communication and teamwork skills as there is a lot of group-based work. Web Development is the perfect course for anyone who wants to follow the developer career path as the lecturers are constantly feeding us with information about the latest web programming languages. I enjoy this course as it’s a great balance between developing your own portfolio and working in a team to create and deliver a full-scale product to a client.

  • Web Development student, Cameron Bridge

    Cameron Bridge

    BSc (Hons) Web Development

    I chose to study Web Development because I enjoy working with computers and have done since high school. I also liked the look of the Web Development course when I went online and had a look. They told me exactly what I would be doing on the course which helped me when coming to my final decision. The thing I enjoy most about my course is that you learn skills which are useful once you graduate. For example, in the second year you go through the process of creating a website from the client brief to the finished product. The tutors are very helpful when teaching you these skills and they are always willing to answer any questions and provide extra support. The course regularly provides you with extra work to do via Moodle, by linking you to some videos from people in the professional world. This helps to reinforce the skills you’ve learned in the lessons as well as enhancing your knowledge. Emails are also sent on a regular basis providing you with events within the industry that you can go to.

  • Digital Media and Communications student, Cairan Dixon

    Cairan Dixon

    BSc (Hons) Digital Media and Communications

    Currently I am studying Digital Media and Communications, one of the courses within the broader Information and Communications subject. As part of the course I study and practice a wide range of things from coding your own original websites to creating content and studying the effects of the media on modern day life. In this way, I believe it strikes a good balance between Web Development and English, in that it incorporates what I feel to be the best parts of the respective subjects (creating your own web content and analysing its uses) to better help me learn a much broader view on todays media.

  • Digital Media and Communications student, Liam Kelly

    Liam Kelly

    BSc (Hons) Digital Media and Communications

    The course is much broader than I first expected, in a very good way. You learn much more about the whole of the digital media industry and how it relates to both people and technology. You work on both the production of digital media from websites to video documentary’s as well as learning vital project management skills. There is a few similar yet very different course routes altogether in the first year that vary from Web Development to Digital Media, so the variety of information you will learn is much wider than in second year. You will be introduced to the delivery of technologies, including blogs, wikis, social networking and other web 2.0 delivery platforms. Learning all these new and exciting things will help you decide exactly what you want to do and you have the option of moving onto a slightly different route that you may enjoy much more. Then in second year your chosen subject will be delivered in much higher detail.

  • Digital Media and Communications student, Michaela Brightman

    Michaela Brightman

    BSc (Hons) Digital Media and Communications

    My name is Michaela Brightman and I study Digital Media and Communications at Manchester Metropolitan university. My course is pretty much a mixture of web development elements, digital media elements and information and communications elements. We have the opportunity to create our own projects, we learn about the history of media and about aspects of digital media, we learn about coding and website creation. There are a wide range of aspects that go into the Digital Media and Communications course. The course is quite varied and dynamic and is the perfect course for anyone who’s unsure where in these areas they may want their future to be. Personally my favourite aspects of the course are creating and editing our own video projects because I’ve always really enjoyed editing. If you decide after first year that you’d rather study either Web Development or Information and Communications, you are also able to transfer as these courses have a shared first year with the Digital Media and Communications course, so this is great for anybody who can’t make their mind up initially.