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Manchester's Transport

Transportation in or around manchester has never been easier, Manchester offers serval types of transport, these include Bikes, Tram, Train, Bus & Taxis. As Manchester is the home to many students, there are plenty of student discounts you can take advantage of.


Manchester has many train stations that operate regularly throughout the day. Trains can be cheaper when you purchase a season ticket or you can get a 16-25 railcard which grants you 1/3 off off-peak trains. There are also tools to help you plan your journey, National Rail has an online journey planner that can show you how long your journey will be, what time is the train due and how much a ticket can cost. The perks of communicating by train are you're not restricted to one station, train tickets to Manchester CTLZ lets you arrive at the following stations:

Tram Train
Deansgate-Castlefield Deansgate G-Mex
Exchange Square Manchester Oxford Road
Market Street Manchester Picadilly
New Islington Manchester Victoria
Picadilly Gardens Salford Central
Picadilly Station Salford Cresent
St Peter's Square
Victoria Station


The trams in Manchester are operated by Metrolink and they are a great way for students who live locally to get to university, plus they operate roughly every 12 minutes so don't hesitate if you miss one. There are 8 different services that go back and forth between their destinations frequently, you can plan your journey using Metrolink's route map. The services Metrolink offers are:

A Altrincham - Bury
B Altrincham - Etihad Campus
C Bury - Picadilly
D MediaCityUk - Picadilly
E Ashton-under-Lyne - Eccles
F Manchester Airport - Deansgate-Castlefield
G East Didsbury - Rochdale Town Centre
H East Didsbury - Shaw and Crompton


Buses are the most popular method of transport for students as it is really cost effective., there are many bus stops around Manchester, so arriving at university is no problem. Manchester also offers their free Metroshuttle service that runs roughly every 10 minutes in which you can get around key places in manchester for no cost. There are 3 different Metroshuttle services, these are orange, green and purple, you can view these service stops by looking at their route map.


Throughout Manchester, there are various cycle lanes making it easy for you to get past the heavy traffic on the morning commute. If you live near the city centre, cycling is probably the cheapest way to get to the university, with plenty of places right outside of the Geoffrey Manton building to put it. TFGM also invested £20million in a 'Dutch-style' bus stop and cycle lane making it easier for cyclists to get to university without dealing with annoying traffic.